The Honest Way Things Are

by Throwbacks

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released December 24, 2013

All songs written by Throwbacks
Engineered, Mixed, Mastered by Bobby Torres at Frightbox Studio



all rights reserved


Throwbacks Brick, New Jersey

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Track Name: Reel A
Rest up, we're all inside saying goodbye,
I'm really lost this time.
And nothing rhymes,
I heard a story where the dead survive.
Some days I wanna find that writer
And show him that he lied,
Then out comes your voice inside.

What you call a family is dressed in black for the world to see.
Alone with the roses ascending safe.
I will watch the sky, keep your eyes on mine.

Help us out we need to feel you now so we can sleep,
with all the comfort that surrounds what's left beneath.

I've been away for too long to see you as a ghost that's leaving,
Look down on the portrait of loved ones grieving,
Isolation takes it's toll on those left here breathing.
Track Name: Further Afield
Constant changing pace, a never-ending race.
That might resolve when where we are can stay the same.
This is so far away, corrupts my brain everyday
And tested all I know.
That we're all born with maps alone,
I know the journey home will show.

I will go far away I will go where I need,
If it’s further afield then it seems right for me.
Where I'm welcomed and loved for the things that I've done,
Where I'm finally found safe and sound.

All I needed was a visible coordinate, relying on waypoints.
An atlas to guide me.
Ask away and find what seems so far ahead,
Ill leave the world behind before I'm left for dead.

And the distance between me and my peace of mind,
Is all I'm closing in on and I know ill reach in time.
Here in the world is a path only I can see
If its further afield then it feels right for me.
Track Name: Post Script 118
When your hands are empty with more to hold
Your soul is weightless
But worth the world compared to gold.
We've thrown it straight away,
It’s safe to say we've had our days.
But more complaints keep showing me its all a waste.
Don’t lose rest on material charades, possession fades.

I am sick of them, time and time again,
Sending for seconds and paying with diamonds
Shining while blood stained,
Your purchase dug their grave.
When you're out wear it proud,
The extra weight can help you drown.

Talk about your awful day and treat it like it's child's play.
Imagine every moment this way.
So wake to one more dose,
Now you're nowhere close.
Now everyday love the breaths you take.

It's just a game we play to sell what their lives create.
Face it, now we can change things.
Live in a world where the future's a blessing.
Create a beautiful ending.
Track Name: Perceptions
Just don't speak I've heard too many words.
My perception has changed about the Earth.
If you wanna make things right, you gotta leave it all behind
And just move on with your life.
Don't try to focus on what doesn't concern your thoughts.
We all need to take our time to figure out what we want.
Now our attention is fully set on making progress.
We're making progress.

Now let's reset the way things
Were before our greed destroyed our hearts
Redirect the way we watch the sunset fall in our arms
The next time life comes crashing down
We'll build it up with what we've found.

Never again will I worry about the things I can't control
Let's watch the water underneath
The entity that we believe
Said "Give up what you possess and you might find the rest".

Someone finally showing the way.

I have found a way, for everything to change
I was shown a way to challenge all the hate.
Track Name: Act III
Bury your emblems and see who you are tonight
Realize your worth is high.
You'll need to write about yourself
Be an author for an epic where the awe is felt.

All that we are is a play on a stage that we made
Write the script you should use for the role you'll play.
With the setting straight a comfort zone away,
Life can begin through the cracks of the choice you make.

It hits hard the honest way things are,
Shields go down in light the ink will do its time.
Along the pages of who you are,
Its all creation the search is gone.

Write and write create your life, imagine the plot with no wrong or right.
Hold your ambitions tight.
At last, at loud, keep screaming out,
Your patience is flawed, start now, design yourself.